Interior design service based in Brighton.

Based in the Fiveways area of Brighton, I am an affordable, passionate, creative and enthusiastic interior designer, my aim is to create the perfect space for you the client and your property.

Tailored Interior design solution.

Each interior project I embark on is personal and bespoke, whether you’re looking for a complete interior transformation or just want to enhance specific aspects of your home.
I will listen when you tell me your design preferences and vision. I will take time to understand your lifestyle and how you use your space. I will also consider the architectural style of your property ensuring a harmonious blend of design and functionality.

My interior design process is thoughtfully structured, ensuring you will be part of the decision-making every step of the way. I begin with presenting multiple style options, gradually refining the scheme as you discover the direction that resonates with you. At the same time exploring layouts and functionalities to ensure your space is optimised for your needs. From there, we progress through each stage. Of the process, from concept creation to sourcing furniture and accessories.

Sustainable Interior Design

I am committed to sustainability wherever it’s possible. I take pleasure in blending the old with the new, incorporating existing pieces into the scheme and sourcing reclaimed when possible. When selecting new items, I prioritise craftsmanship and quality.

Timeless and Functional spaces

My goal is to make the journey as enjoyable as the final result. My aspiration is to infuse character and depth into your space, reflecting your personality and the unique attributes of your property. Always aiming to create a timeless beautiful space whilst never losing sight of function and practicality.

Serving Brighton, Lewes and beyond

Whilst I love working locally in Brighton, I am also available for projects in other parts of Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London, and beyond. No project is too small, and we are open to working with various budgets.

Romy France Interior Designer