Initial (free) consultation

When we see the space and discuss your project. Your project can range from full design, including planning and layouts, visuals, concepts, sourcing and ordering, to just simply one or two of these design elements.

You talk and we listen. Your aesthetic, functional requirements and the budget of your project.

“ I encourage all parties involved to be present at this and all future meets – getting everyone’s input from the onset is essential”

From this we will provide a rough estimate for costs and time.


Second Meet & Measure Up

You have decided you would like us to help you with your project. We will now work out exactly what you need us to do and a timeline proposal for works . If we are providing plans this is when we would measure up the space, or if you have them you can provide us with any plans such as from an architect for us to use. We will take all specifications of current furniture and accessories you want to re-use and take pictures for reference.


Inspirational Images

To enable us to get a full understanding of your project’s look and feel we will create a presentation of inspirational images.

You will feedback on this to enable us to start the design process.



Concepts are a visual representation of the look and feel of a space. A concept is based on an individual space/room so if we are working on more than one space, we will work through them sequentially as if they are smaller individual projects, doing separate concepts for each.

We usually offer two concept options per room, sometimes only one is required, sometimes more.


Technical Drawings


We offer a full drawing package. This can be produced by lifting information from existing plans or from us measuring up the space. Plans, spatial layouts and elevations enable you to see the many options available for how your space can work. It is a great way of helping you to choose your favourite and most practical layout and essential if you want to change the layout of bathrooms or kitchens.

Visuals of the space can be created to give you an even greater insight into how the finished space will look.

Lighting and electrical plans may also be required and can be provided.

And, for more complicated designs, 3D models can be created. To further help you understand the design.


Design & Sourcing

Once you’ve chosen a concept and layout, a full presentation will be developed. This will include mood boards involving colours, materials and textures. Sourcing, from lampshades to flooring. Sourcing goes hand in hand with layout planning, finding the right furniture to fit the space. Sometimes bespoke is the best option and we can help you with that. We will offer you options that fit with your style, space and budget. Costing will be provided as the project develops and on a spreadsheet after final decisions are made.


Final design, ordering & install

Final sourcing decisions will be taken forward and wherever possible physical samples will be provided to look at in situ along with paint colours.

Final costing will be provided.

If requested, we will happily oversee ordering and installation