Cornwall Gardens –
Natalie & Richards House, Brighton.

Natalie contacted me when they were about to move back into their house in Brighton after living for 5 years in the US.

The house had been rented out and needed some attention such as repainting and carpeting as well as some major works creating two new bathrooms and revamping the kitchen.

Work is still very much in progress in the property and will be on here as soon as its complete.

What has been finished is the bespoke wardrobes I designed for the kid’s bedrooms.

Key Design Features

01 : In-keeping with style of the property

02 : Ikea interior to keep cost down

03 : Stunning handmade tiles for an organic feel

04 : Muted wall colours to create soft, calm, restful living space

Ensuite & Family Bathroom

Originally this space was the family bathroom, a separate toilet and a cupboard.

The Brief: Convert this space into a master ensuite that is a calm, relaxed, sophisticated sanctuary AND a family bathroom that is robust, practical, attractive and relaxed.

Structural changes were involved in this project. The family bathroom emerged from the fusion of the toilet and cupboard, accessible from the landing. Meanwhile, the ensuite became a sort of ‘Narnia’ accessed discreetly through the bedroom’s fitted wardrobe.

Ensuite Scheme

A subdued and tranquil atmosphere defines this space, boasting a muted neutral backdrop. Soft colour hints are found in the tiles and paint, while the introduction of marble imparts a natural, organic feel. Striking fixtures, lighting, and furniture contribute to an elegant aesthetic. In essence, this thoughtfully designed area serves as a practical, mini sanctuary.

Key Design Features

01 : The ‘Narnia’ entrance through the bedroom wardrobe.

02 : Maximising storage with spacious vanity unit with a double basin and mirrors.

03 : Beautiful quality brassware and soft tiles.

04 : Style: Timeless, organic, soft, calm, and practical.

Family Bathroom scheme:

Functionality takes precedence in this space, with a simple yet stylish design.

A backdrop of strong yet calming colour is complemented by pops of colour and patterns from tiles and furniture.

Beautiful fixtures, lighting, and furniture evokes a traditional and distinguished look.

Key Design Features

01 : Conversion of a single toilet and cupboard into a good size family bathroom.

02 : Including a large freestanding bath, a generous shower and good size vanity.

03 : Style: Timeless, classic, distinct, and practical.

WC: A style overhaul of the downstairs WC.

The Brief: Inject fun and surprise whilst maintaining cosiness and practicality.

WC Scheme: Embracing opulence as the core of this scheme.

Combining a fun yet sophisticated wallpaper with the wonderful Hague Blue paint on the woodwork to create the strong warm backdrop.

Opting for a classic suite finished with elegant brass fixtures, complemented by stunning mosaic marble tile on the floor for extra sophistication.

Key Design Features

01 : Excellent use of space. A ‘surprise’ to the visitor.

02 : Style: Flamboyant sophistication.