Loder Road –
En-suite bathrooms, Brighton.

After living in their house for 3 years Sarah Jane and Alex were fed up of the bathrooms they had acquired. Not to their taste and riddled with issues it was time for change. Sarah Jane approached me for help when she realised bathroom design was harder than she expected.

Both en-suites were very small. I first concentrated on creating the best layouts, aiming to maximising storage and space. I then developed schemes for both and sourced furniture tiles and accessories.

Rufus being a teenage boy required something quite masculine and easy to maintain that would stand the test of time.

Key Design Features

01 : Monochrome scheme for a masculine edge

02 : Mosaic white tiles to accommodate the curved wall and give a neutral backdrop

03 : Cupboard space above the back to wall toilet increasing storage and creating a lovely shelf feature

04 : Niche shelves in the shower. Tiles in floor tile. Useful and look great

Sarah Jane and Alex’s en-suite required a more feminine touch as well as being practical and easy to maintain. Key stipulations were no wall mounted fixtures and no encaustic tiles!

Key Design Features

01 : Soft combination of pink and green tiles

02 : Stylish brass fittings

03 : Moving the toilet onto the side wall and crating cupboard space

04 : Reducing shower size to allow space for vanity and mirror to the left of the window

I also worked on their main bathroom. To be completed in the new year so watch this space.